To Whom It May Concern;

Front Steps operates from a position of transparency and should you wish to meet and discuss your concerns, I would be happy to do so. Our financial statements are matters of record, are annually audited by an independent accounting firm and by City, State and Federal funding resources. Our IRS Form 990 is publicly posted and provided to funding resources.

I have copied the ARCH contract manager with the City of Austin Department of Health and Human Services as well as the Front Steps Board President regarding your inquiry and will notify them of any meeting request you may submit.

Thank you for your interest in Front Steps,

Letter to M G

Hello Mr. G,

We would first like to introduce ourselves. We are Nonya Bidness. We utilize anonymity in the pursuit of truth. It is our intent to publish an article regarding rumor of a misappropriation of funds within the Front Steps organization. As we feel it would be unfair to publish an article based solely on rumor and you are listed as the Executive Director of the Front Steps organization, we thought we would reach out to you before going to print. After communicating with several clients of the Front Steps organization and visiting the ARCH several times on our own, we have come to identify certain apparent inconsistencies regarding funding and services provided to clients. Please forgive the insult this message may cause. Of course we know you may serve a generally mentally unbalanced group of individuals. It is not our intent to point any fingers. It is only our intent to find the truth. A FOIA request has been submitted to the city of Austin, regarding Front Steps funding. But we would also like to hear your side of things. To be specific, there is rumor of a misappropriation of funds regarding renovation of the garage, equipment for the laundry room, and the phone system at the “Resource desk”. It has also been said that you, yourself, have taken a rather substantial bonus, all the while neglecting services that may help the population your organization serves. Again, please forgive any insult this message may cause. We only seek truth and thank you for your time.

Who are we? Nonya Bidness. We are here to spread truth.